Visualisation of metagenomics taxonomic abundance data

This tool simplifies the postprocessing and visualisation of metagenomics taxonomic abundance profiles, generated by MOCAT or other processing pipelines. The profiles should be summarized at genus level. Enterotying analysis will be performed (as described in our Enterotyping tutorial), and the resulting PCoA (principal component analysis) projection will be visualised in our interactive 3D scatter plot viewer.

After the initial visualisation, you can limit the enterotyping analysis to a subset of samples. Simply click the 'Selection' button and select one or more sets of samples by click-dragging a marquee rectangle over them. Clicking the 'Zoom on selection' button will redo the analysis and display the updated projection.

Upload a new genus abundance dataset

Select a plain text, tab delimited file with taxnonmic abundances summarized at genus level. It can be optionally compressed with GZIP or BZIP2. First line must contain the list of sample IDs. Other lines should start with the genus taxonomic name (from NCBI taxonomy database), followed by the abundance values for each sample. An example file is available here.

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