Visualisation of metagenomics functional profiles

This tool simplifies the postprocessing and visualisation of metagenomics functional profiles, generated by MOCAT or other processing pipelines. Currently it only supports KEGG orthologous groups, which are visualized through the interactive Pathways Explorer.

In addition to the default calculations (simple average, mean and standard deviation for each KO group), it is possible to calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient for any set of variables. Simply upload an additional file with the any number of variables and their values for each sample. Example dataset files are available for download in the form below.

Upload a new functional profile

Select the main dataset file with functional profiles. It should be a plain text, tab delimited file, optionally compressed with GZIP or BZIP2. First line must have the list of sample IDs with a keyword 'ko' in the first field. Other lines should start with the KEGG KO, followed by the numerical values for each sample. An example file is available here.

Select an optional tab delimited, plain text file with a list of variables and their values for each sample in the main dataset file. Pearson linear correlation coefficient will be calculated for each variable, and can be used for visualisation. An example file matching the main dataset file example above is available here.

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